What is your role at GridCure?

I am a backend developer. This requires a wide range of work at GridCure, as is probably typical of many startups. I work on databases, REST APIs, data management, performance tuning, as well as software and system architecture. In addition, we deal with large, sometimes messy, data sets that need to be understood and organized so that we can effectively extract and analyze information and trends. The wide variety of things we get to work on at GridCure keep things very interesting and fun.

How did you connect with GridCure?

I have worked for many years at medium sized and larger companies, and I was interested in finding something at a smaller company. A friend told me about AngelList. I signed up and a little while later connected with Tagg through that site.

Why did you pick GridCure?

GridCure has the startup culture that I was looking for. At that time, they were just getting set up to grow in Boulder. The team at GridCure happens to be a great combination of very sharp, engaging and fun. I’d just finished a course in data science and the combination of data science and software development at GridCure is compelling for me. The work GridCure does with physical sensors to monitor equipment aligns with my interest in development with Internet of Things. GridCure is a great combination of people and technology fit for me. The opportunity to work in the energy sector and being able to contribute to green technology is also important to me.

What’s your favorite Project at GridCure?

We’re moving a ton of data into the cloud for a large electrical utility. We’re getting to work with these very large data sets, organizing and ingesting them into Amazon AWS. With this we’re setting up the utility to be better able to extract business value from their data. There are an incredible variety of technical puzzles to solve to pull many disparate data sets together into a form to make them productive for analytics.

What do you do in your free time?

I end up coding often in my free time as I very much enjoy it; but as often as I can, I get outdoors and enjoy some of the many cool things we can do here in Colorado. Some of my favorite activities are mountain biking, cycling and hiking. Boulder is an easy city to get around on with a bike. I’m involved with foreign languages and am active in Spanish and French meetups and am learning German. Sometime I combine hobbies and go mountain biking with a group of Spanish-speaking friends.

I enjoy travel and work remotely from time to time. I’m writing this post from the IDA coffee shop in downtown Reykjavik. Tomorrow I am running a half marathon here with a group of friends.

Where are your favorite places to travel?

The deserts we have in the US are amazing. I lived for a while in Tucson. I love mountain biking in Moab. Madrid is my favorite city in Europe. The art museums are incredible and I’ve made many friends there. My girlfriend lives in Zurich Switzerland so I of course enjoy spending time there and go as often as I can.

What’s your favorite line from a movie?

OK. There are probably a few lines from movies but I’m going to first talk about my favorite poem … it’s ‘La Canción del Pirata’ by Jose Espronceda. It’s a Spanish poem about a pirate captain who has chosen the life he loves, full of risks, but also with the freedom go where he wills and do what he wants. He loves the sea and his ship and being able to make his own choices. Although there may be consequences if he is caught he is willing to take the risk to have the freedom.

With regards to movies, although I’ve seen Fifth Element way too many times and laugh every time Corbin Dowling says, ‘Anyone else want to negotiate?’ the movie line I most often quote comes from ‘The Terminator’ – ‘I’ll be back.’