GridCure uses data to optimize energy strategy and improve smart grid operations

Securely aggregates and cleanses data
Performs big data multilayer analysis
Recommends actionable insights
Produces simple and intuitive dashboards

GridCure’s Grid Health Monitoring Platform seamlessly integrates data from disparate data sources to allow for secure, privacy-compliant transfer and analysis

• Simple selection of modules to activate only modules your utility needs
• Intuitive interface with customizable access privileges, custom filters, and anonymization features
• Bulk data ingestion, data cleansing, and data processing

Blink Module

Display all relevant information about meter blinks on your network to connect these blinks to outage events and quickly diagnose customer issues.

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Transformer Predictive Health Module

Identify and rank transformers closest to failure on your network, replacing traditional run-to-failure and rule of thumb models with machine learning and analytical intelligence.

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Feeder Cable Predictive Health Module

Algorithmically identify feeder cables approaching failure on your network, making a traditionally run-to-failure maintenance operation more intelligent. Monitor, inspect, and prioritize repair and replacement efforts from a single consolidated dashboard.

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GridCure Labs

Our team of seasoned utility experts, data scientists, and software developers combine predictive analytics and machine learning to power our technology. Partner with our team to build customer solutions specifically tailored to your utility’s needs.

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