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Current Openings

Technical Project Manager

GridCure is looking for a dynamic technical project manager to join our team. You will report directly to GridCure’s CEO, and you will work closely with our engineering and analytics teams. Let’s be real – we’re a small company, so you’ll likely be working closely with a bunch – if not all – of us. 🙂

It goes without saying you will have a very hands-on and active role within our company. Not only will you manage the delivery of multiple concurrent technical projects, you will also be the primary point-of-contact for our post-sale clients to ensure a seamless onboarding process and successful project delivery. Because of your deep understanding of our product offering, you may even participate in direct sales for new customers or upsell additional services to existing customers. Additionally, we’d love for you to identify broader trends in customer demand to inform our product development.

The job will likely evolve over time, but we see the primary functions as the following:

  • Technical Project Management: You will manage the delivery of multiple technical projects, including GridCure’s overall platform development, proof-of-concept demonstrations, other client-specific projects, and partner integrations. You will need to understand the technical requirements and feasibility of each project, prioritize development, and manage project execution and delivery.
  • Technical Point-of-Contact for Post-sale Clients: You will be the primary point-of-contact with our post-sale clients to clarify and manage expectations, oversee client onboarding, and manage project delivery.

Your ancillary responsibilities may include product roadmapping, business development, and people management.

We believe there is tremendous room for growth within our company. We’re growing, and we want you to grow with us.

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Data Scientist

As a data scientist at GridCure, you will be developing algorithms that will revolutionize data analytics in the utility industry. GridCure is working with utility companies to develop better analytical tools for preventative maintenance, load prediction, and outage prediction. We are a small but growing team, so you will have the opportunity to make real creative contributions to GridCure’s analytical product.

Typical duties:

  • Data cleaning: GridCure’s ability to make use of utility data in a wide variety of formats is one its strengths. You will be involved in parsing, cleaning, and standardizing datasets.
  • Data exploration: You’ll develop an understanding of new datasets as they come in and interact with clients to better understand the data.
  • Data modeling: You’ll be involved in building and benchmarking new models and improving old models. You’ll document differences between different versions of models.
  • Analysis tooling: You’ll develop tools to help clients better understand their data.
  • Model deployment: You’ll be involved in scaling models for production.


  • A passion for understanding data.
  • Experience programming in python.
  • Experience cleaning realistic datasets.
  • Experience building predictive models based on a variety of data.
  • Deep knowledge of at least one area of predictive modeling.
  • Energy industry experience or interest.

Please include a resume and a sample of your work.

Optional Predictive Modeling Challenge:

Files for Electric Car Practice Problem

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Backend Developer

GridCure is currently looking for a new member of our backend development team. Must be experienced with working in the Hadoop environment with Java and be comfortable working in Python.

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