5 Reasons Utilities Should Embrace SaaS Technologies

Until recently, when utility teams were faced with a problem, they were often limited to one of two remedies: (1) building their own solutions internally, or (2) outsourcing the problem to a 3rd party consulting group.

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Paper: The Innovation of Jordan’s Grid

Last year during Power Generation Week, GridCure had the honor of presenting our paper, The Innovation of Jordan’s Grid - The Macroeconomic Impact of a Distributed and Renewable Energy Strategy and the Analytics that Drive It, at the Renewable Energy World Conference.

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Founder Honored by UBC

GridCure’s founder, Tagg Jefferson, was honoured (with the extra ‘u’ for Canadian spelling!) last week at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Applied Science Celebration with the Dean’s Medal of Distinction.

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Solving Smart Grid ‘Blinks’ in the Blink of an Eye

We understand Co-ops. We understand that everyone counts on you, as an operator of the network, to keep the lights on.

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Blink Data as a Window into Network Health

Because smart meters are attached to homes and businesses, the most obvious usage of the data that they collect is understanding customer power usage trends.

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Introducing the GridCure Platform

GridCure is a smart grid analytics platform for Cooperatively Owned Utilities.

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Five Ways GridCure Can Make a Global Impact

Reducing humanity’s carbon footprint is both a corporate and a social responsibility.

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Reducing Technical Loss in the Distribution Grid

In the context of distribution systems, total power loss is the difference between the power leaving a distribution substation and the power delivered to the customer.

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And the Winner is… GridCure!
RSGS 2016 Re-Cap

GridCure attended it’s second Rural Smart Grid Summit (RSGS) last week...

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