Team Spotlight: Chris Miller

I’m a data scientist. We all wear many hats here, but the main tasks are to solve problems by turning raw data into useful answers by building predictive models.

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Building Culture At GridCure

As GridCure continues to grow, it’s important to stay connected across the company. It’s not always easy to chat around the water-cooler with colleagues in Brazil or Canada about non-work topics.

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Team Spotlight: Mikhail (Mike) Talalov

I am GridCure’s new Technical Project Manager. At GridCure I am optimizing the development process, ensuring the production of top-quality products, and making sure our clients are beyond totally satisfied.

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Leveraging Singularity University’s Smart City Accelerator to Accelerate Our Impact

In June 2016, the City of Columbus (Ohio) won the U.S. Department of Transportation’s $40 Million Smart City Challenge and has raised more than $100M in additional funding and sponsorships to continue smart city innovation!

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Unveiling GridCure’s Climate Page

We believe climate change is an important issue to tackle. In our blogpost ‘Five Ways GridCure Can Make a Global Impact’, we highlighted some of the ways GridCure can help fight climate change.

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Advisor Spotlight: Jeff Downton

I thought it might be a good opportunity to introduce myself as one of GridCure's longtime advisors. My name is Jeff Downton, and I help the team work on big data and distributed processing problems here at GridCure.

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Team Spotlight: Brian McKean

I am a backend developer. This requires a wide range of work at GridCure, as is probably typical of many startups. I work on databases, REST APIs, data management, performance tuning, as well as software and system architecture.

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5 Reasons Utilities Should Embrace SaaS Technologies

Until recently, when utility teams were faced with a problem, they were often limited to one of two remedies: (1) building their own solutions internally, or (2) outsourcing the problem to a 3rd party consulting group.

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Paper: The Innovation of Jordan’s Grid

Last year during Power Generation Week, GridCure had the honor of presenting our paper, The Innovation of Jordan’s Grid - The Macroeconomic Impact of a Distributed and Renewable Energy Strategy and the Analytics that Drive It, at the Renewable Energy World Conference.

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