The year 2014 was a milestone in my life. A Brazilian, 20 years old, born and raised in Brasilia, the young capital, I was packing to study abroad for 1 long year. I had been selected in a nationwide program for an exchange program to study for one year in a university somewhere in the world. I was on my way to UC Berkeley in California!

What an amazing experience. University of Brasilia is a very good institution, the best in my state and one of the best in Latin America. But Berkeley is in on another level. I attended classes  at one of the best universities in the world. But I have to say, it was not an easy task to be graded on a curve with all those geniuses in my classes. It was amazing to be part of those classes and to share experiences with such a diverse and brilliant collection of minds. It was inspiring.


As finals season approached and my time at Berkeley reached an end, I knew I wanted more. It was time for an internship! I started browsing career websites and researching opportunities. No, those were not for me. I was in the Bay Area – the startup poison was already in my veins. AngelList! That was the right place. There were many cool ideas! That was definitely the right place.

It was time to combine my two biggest intellectual passions: electrical engineering and business. And I found that intriguing company with a cool logo – a company that had developed software promising to help utilities save money. GridCure – Data driven insights for utilities. At the same time I imagined applying GridCure’s analytics in the local utility in my hometown. That was the opportunity to have a Christmas without an outage at home (yes, every Christmas we have candlelight dinner, and it is not because we think it is cool). That sounded amazing!  It was also the opportunity to put together my passions and also that Berkeley feeling that we need to make the difference and somehow help the world. I found the right place to spend those 3 months. At that time I sent GridCure an email.

And soon I was there, working with a team of superstars. Tagg, the CEO, that knows about everything and has a lot of patience for all my questions. Kim, such a brilliant mind. Zack, who is not only an amazing designer but also an awesome cook. Emily, the master of operations and s’mores. And many other guys who teach me new stuff every day.

Now I am back to Brasilia, and I’ve continued working for GridCure. I am about to get my degree in Electrical Engineering. I have had the opportunity to experience almost every position of the company. Coding, documentation, sales, and operations. So much learning! But there is one special position for me.  Since the beginning I’ve been pushing to bring this solution to my country. Here I am in contact with some of the biggest utilities like CPFL, AES, CEB, etc. Bringing those advancements to my country, it feels so good! It is awesome to be part of it!!