Utilities need better data processing and analytics tools

Utilities face pressure from both regulators and executives to improve reliability, increase profits, and optimize the efficiency of their grids while employing sustainability practices Many of these utilities are now collecting terabytes of data per day in an effort to meet these ever-evolving initiatives; however, even the most sophisticated utilities struggle to synthesize their data into meaningful insights and share key takeaways across multiple stakeholders.

GridCure is an app store for enterprise utility analytics modules.GridCure’s modules:

Diagnose Grid Issues Faster with More Sophisticated Analyses

Save Engineering Operations Time by Optimizing Queries & Maintenance Schedules

Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Improved Reliability

Save Costs, Recover Lost Revenue, and Create New Revenue Streams with Predictive Analytics

How It Works:

Step 1:Create a free account

With a free account, you have access to the GridCure Platform and GridCure Module Directory, where you can browse and demo our different predictive analytics modules. Through our platform, you also have the ability to chat directly with our team of world-class data scientists and engineers.

Step 2:Select pre-built modules or work with GridCure Labs to build custom solutions

You can easily learn more about and demo available modules in our Module Directory. Information includes key features and benefits, screenshots, and required data. Alternatively, you can partner with GridCure Labs to build custom solutions specifically for your utility’s needs.

Step 3:Easily upload and integrate data

Most utilities underestimate the value of the data they already collect. We’ve built simple data upload tools that allow you to simply communicate what data your utility currently collects and stores and to securely transmit your utility data to GridCure for analysis. Once we’ve received data, most modules can be launched in as little as 2 - 4 weeks.

Step 4:Monitor what matters at work and on the go

Beautifully designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile, our cloud-based solution allows you to monitor your network at the office and on the go. Each module can be configured with custom alerts and notifications so you can rest easily knowing GridCure is working even when you’re not.

How Our Pricing Works

Capitalizable Software

We chose to make most of our platform available as a capitalizable expense. We can work with your legal and procurement teams to ensure our solutions are fully compliant. We also have flexible billing options - contact our sales team to learn more.

Pay As You Go For What You Need

Our monthly licensing fee covers access to the modules you purchase, free version upgrades, and all the support you could possibly dream of. Only pay for the modules you use - our flexible platform allows you to add the modules you want to access and remove the ones you don’t. We collect an upfront installation fee to cover the cost of integrating your data, cleansing and mapping your data, and tuning our modules specifically to your utility.

Available Anywhere, Anytime (and With Free Upgrades!)

Our platform is available anywhere at any time - all you need is an internet connection. Our modules are accessible through desktop, tablet, and mobile web browsers.

We host our solution in the cloud, allowing us to provide our services remotely. That means that you not only save on typically capital-intensive on-premise installation, maintenance, and infrastructure costs, but you also benefit from the continuous innovation and rollout of new features and solutions - you will always have the most up to date version of our software.

No new sensors. No new servers.

Your data is more powerful than you expect, and our modules use data that you already have and collect: there’s no need to purchase new sensing or monitoring equipment. Since we host our solution in the cloud, there’s no need to purchase expensive and bulky servers.

Rev Share

Love what we’re doing and want to partner with us? Have basic analytics and need help productizing a full solution? Or have a problem you want us to solve? Learn more about our co-development and rev share options here.

Unlimited Alert Reporting
Unlimited Number of Users
Free Version Upgrades
World Class Support

Analytics Power Our Engine. Speed and Flexibility Set Us Apart.

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