GridCure helps utilities improve reliability, increase efficiency, and boost revenue throughout the smart grid lifecycle


Our platform helps cooperatively-owned utilities leverage data from existing systems (MDM, OMS, SCADA, GIS, CIS, ERP, etc) into real-time analytics for operators, engineers, and financial decision makers.


GridCure helps municipalities around the world solve unique business, engineering, and operational smart grid challenges with custom analytics solutions.


We help investor-owned utilities identify new revenue streams, and we build software products for the changing state of the grid.

Our capabilities are focused on organizing utility big data, integrating disparate data streams, and providing real-time analytics customized to meet the unique challenges of the utility industry

Data Governance

GridCure Labs helps utilities audit current software systems and data stores to understand how, where and when data flows.

  • Utility Data Auditing: Build a system blueprint based on the unique challenges of your utility.

  • Strategic Data Modeling: Build a unique data model for your utility that can be leveraged for business solutions.

Integration Management

GridCure’s 'everything-data' management  tool integrates disparate smart grid systems, scrubs smart grid data, and anonymizes sensitive information.

  • System Integrations: Integrate our platform on top of already existing systems; there's no need for new sensors or lengthy deployment processes.

  • Data Capture Monitoring Dashboard: Understand how data streams, stores and feeds are captured.

Grid Health Analytics

In the office or in the field, the Grid Health Platform provides utility operators, engineers, and IT managers real-time analytics and actionable insights.

  • Pre-built modules: Leverage our pre-existing library of grid health modules: asset predictive failure, technical & non-technical loss, general grid health.

  • Custom Modules: Work with GridCure Labs to develop custom modules based on your grid's unique challenges.

Learn about GridCure's Predictive Maintenance, Loss, and Custom Module Solutions.

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